Ways to Wander

The Ways to Wander project began with a book co-edited with Claire Hind, and published by Triarchy Press. Claire and I were inspired by Carl Lavery’s 2005 article ’25 Instructions for Performance in Cities’, and decided to draw together instructions, scores and directions for walking from a wide range of contributors.

Wrights and Sites ‘Nostalgic Drift’ from Ways to Wander

Published in 2015 ‘Ways to Wander‘ includes 54 instructions from 59 contributors. The book formed the basis of a course that Claire and I delivered at Tate Modern in 2017 ‘Ways to Wander the Gallery‘. The course made connections between walking and experimental writing, with references and responses to artworks on display in the galleries.

Ways to Wander the Gallery workshop in Tate Modern, photo Claire Hind

In 2018 Blake Morris used ‘Ways to Wander’ as the basis for a year of walking; taking one instruction each week and inviting participants to join him in walking them. His project ‘A Wander is not a Slog’ engaged people from around the world in the wander scores from the book.

The course at Tate resulted in a second book ‘Ways to Wander the Gallery‘ published with Triarchy in 2018 including 25 instructions for walks created by participants in the course, along with exercises and extracts from the workshops that we held.

Mary Whalley, ‘Climb the Steps of the Turbine Hall’ from Ways to Wander the Gallery

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