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2021, Hydracity, Group Exhibition, Thames side Gallery Studios, London
2021, Im/mobilities in turbulent times, group show, online
2018, Saunter Trek Escort Parade, group show, Fluxus Factory and Queens Museum, New York, USA 
2018, Labors: An Exhibition Exploring the Complexities of Motherhood, group show, Pearl Conard Gallery, Ohio, USA  
2016, Ways to Wander, exhibition of walking scores at Walking Women, Somerset House, London and Forest Fringe, Edinburgh  
2015, Gossip and Nonsense, duo show, The Bank Gallery, Cass School of Art, London  
2014, The Walking Encyclopedia, group show, Airspace, Stoke on Trent  
2013-2014, Walk On: 40 years of walking art, group show, Pitshangar Manor Gallery, Northern Gallery of Contemporary Art, MAC Birmingham, Plymouth City Museum and Gallery  
2010, walkwalkwalk: Stories from the Bethnal Green Archive, permanent installation, Bethnal Green Old Town Hall  
2009, Flash Company, group show, Cecil Sharp House, London  
2008, walkwalkwalk: stories from the Exeter archive, offsite project, Exeter Central Station, Spacex Gallery, Exeter  
2007-2008, Collect, Transform, Repeat, group show, Michael West Gallery, Isle of Wight  
2007, E8 the heart of Hackney, group show, Transition, London  
2007, Mapping, group show, Bury Art Gallery  
2006, walkwalkwalk: an archaeology of the familiar and forgotton, installation, ‘Archipeinture’, Camden Arts Centre 

Selected Events and Performances

2021, Perambulator… She Walked, walking performance, City of London  
2015-21, East End Jam, walks, workshops and live art events, Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, Gayhurst Community School Hackney, Amber Court Sheltered Housing Stratford, Wilton Estate Community Garden Hackney, Folkestone Harbour, IKLECTIC Southwark, Lewisham Unitarians, Bloomsbury Festival, Five to Thrive Festival Hackney   
2018, Daylighting, participatory print workshop, Wellcome Collection, London  
2018, Perambulator, participatory walk, Flux Factory, New York, USA  
2015, Gossip and Nonsense, performance and live letterpress print room, The Bank Gallery, Cass School of Art, London  
2014, Renaissance Rumours and Chinese Whispers, performance, Somerset House, Inside Out festival, King’s College London  
2014, Perambulator Parade & Baby Slow Marathon, Deveron Arts, Huntly, Scotland  
2012, Perambulator, participatory walk, part of ‘Chain’ at Lewisham Art House  
2010, walkwalkwalk: Stories from the Bethnal Green Archive, (opening performance), Bethnal Green Old Town Hall  
2010, Homage to Mrs. Rowlatt, or there’s no such thing as black felt tips (from the series ‘everything I learned in science’) performed as part of ‘Correspondence’, London Metropolitan University  
2010, Spinning Stories, a walk about laundry, with Emily Butterworth, London  
2010, Darned Memory, a walk around memory, mending and Millbank, London  
2009, The Nightwash laundry chorus, participatory performance, London  
2008, Night walk Marsh Barton, part of walkwalkwalk: stories from the Exeter archive  
2006, walkwalkwalk at Camden Arts Centre, Performance  
2005 – 2010, Nine night walks, including The Musical, with Tai Shani Points of Non-Interest with Clive Brandon, and Things that have gone, walkwalkwalk, London 


2014, Huntly Perambulator, The Walking Institute, Deveron Projects, Huntly, Scotland
2008-2009, Spinning Stories, The Women’s Library
2007, walkwalkwalk: stories from the Exeter archive, Spacex gallery, Exeter
2006, walkwalkwalk: an archaeology of the familiar and forgotten, Archipeinture, Camden Arts Centre

Talks and Conference Presentations

Qualmann, C.and Vogel, A. (2020) East End Jam: Urban Foraging as multi-sensory participatory cartography, Anthropology and Geography: Dialogues Past, Present and Future, London, available online at 
Qualmann, C. (2020) Walking Networks, (invited talk and panel discussion) London College of Fashion  
Qualmann, C. and Vogel, A. (2019) East End Jam, (invited talk and taste) ‘In the City: A Seminar Series on Urban Life, Art, Culture and Politics’, UEL  
Qualmann, C. and Ramsden, H. (2019) Chip Walks: Prespes to Plymouth, ‘Walking’s New Movement’, Plymouth  
Qualmann, C. (2019) East End Jam: walking, foraging, picking and pickling the edible city (invited talk) ‘SPARC’ Symposium, City University  
Qualmann, C. (2019) East End Jam, (invited talk and taste) ‘Something Held in the Mouth’, Folkestone, available online at  
Qualmann, C. (2019) East End Jam as Ecotopia (talk and taste) ‘Ecotopias: Imagining Ecological Utopias’, London  
Qualmann, C. and Ramsden, H. (2019) Chip Walks, ‘Made of Walking’, Prespes, Greece  
Qualmann, C. (2018) Perambulator (invited artists talk) Saunter, Trek, Escort, Parade, Flux Factory, New York  
Qualmann, C. (2018) Nightwalking, (invited artists talk) London Nights, Museum of London, broadcast on Resonance FM here 
2017 Qualmann, C. (2017) Walking Women (introductory overview and artists talk) Walking Women Study Room Guide launch, The Live Art Development Agency, London  
Qualmann, C. (2017) The Artist in the Library (invited artists talk) ‘On Libraries’ launch, The Live Art Development Agency, London  
Qualmann, C. (2017) Making the Landscape Sing: walking the map and mapping the walk (invited talk) Living Maps, London  
Qualmann, C. (2016) Perambulator (artist’s talk) Walking Women, Forest Fringe, Edinburgh  
Qualmann, C. (2016) Walking London (invited radio programme discussion) Breaking the Bounds, broadcast on Resonance FM  
Qualmann, C. (2016) Perambulator (artist’s talk) Motherhood & Live Art, Edge Hill University  
Qualmann, C. (2016) Walking Women (invited radio programme discussion) broadcast on ‘Er Outdoors, Resonance FM  
Qualmann, C. (2015) Walking Art (invited talk) ‘Art and Austerity’, London Metropolitan University  
Qualmann, C. (2015) Footwork: The Walking Artists Network as Global Community Annual Research Conference, UEL  
Qualmann, C. (2015) On the diverse aesthetic forms, sensibilities and politics of walking art practices (Conference opening and provocation) ‘Where to?’ Falmouth University  
Qualmann, C. (2015) Perambulator, The Motherhood and Creative Practice conference, London South Bank University  
Qualmann, C. (2013) The Artist in the Library (invited paper) The Art Libraries Society Annual Conference, Bristol  
Qualmann, C. (2013) walkwalkwalk: Stories from the Bethnal Green Archive, On Walking, University of Sunderland  
Qualmann, C. (2013) Learning Outcomes and Creativity, (invited paper and workshop) Creativity and Teaching Study Day, ICMP, London  
Qualmann, C. (2012) walkwalkwalk (invited artists talk) Deveron Arts, ‘Slow Marathon’, Huntly, Scotland  
Qualmann, C. (2011) The Artist in the Library, The Artist in the Library Symposium, University of East London  
Qualmann, C. (2011) Learning Outcomes and the Affective Domain (invited paper and workshop) ‘Shaping Things to Come’ The ADM-HEA annual forum, London 
Qualmann, C. and Butterworth, E., (2010) Spinning Stories, ‘Record Create’ The Oral History Society Annual Conference, Victoria and Albert Museum, London  
Qualmann, C. (2009) walkwalkwalk (paper and film screening) Living Landscapes, Aberystwyth University, Wales  
Qualmann, C. and Hornbuckle, R., (2009) Are We the Tool? NORDES Annual Conference, Oslo, Norway  
Qualmann, C., Korda, S., Burton, G. (2008) walkwalkwalk Talking Walking podcast with Andrew Stuck
Qualmann, C., Korda, S., Burton, G. (2008) walkwalkwalk: Stories from the Exeter Archive, Hidden City, Plymouth 


Qualmann, C. and Vogel, A. (2021) East End Jam: urban foraging as participatory multi-sensory cartography, in ‘Urban Natures: Making Visible, (Re)Connecting and (Re)Politicising’, eds. Edwards, F., Nilstad Pettersen, I, and Popartan, L.   
Qualmann, C. and Hind, C. (2021) She Walked, in ‘A New Poetics of Space: Literary Walks in Times of Pandemics and Climate Crisis.’ eds. Jeffery, L., Angelaki, V., Bloomsbury  
Qualmann, C. (2021) Pram Naps, in ‘Mothering, Time and Temporalities’ eds. Colls, C. McGiven, A., Routledge  Published 
Qualmann, C. and Ramsden, H (2020) Chip Walk, in ‘Walking Bodies’, eds. Smith, P, Hind. C., Billinghurst, H., Triarchy Press, Axminster  
Egan, S., Qualmann, C., Sharrocks, A., (2019) Connecting Country: Walking Waterscapes, CSPA Quarterly ‘Walking’, no. 26 (2019): 30-47  
Qualmann, C. and Hind, C. eds (2018) Ways to Wander the Gallery, Triarchy Press  
Qualmann, C. and Damon-Moore, L., (2017) Interview with Clare Qualmann, ‘The Library as Incubator’ Online  
Qualmann, C. and Sharrocks, A. eds. (2017) Walking Women, Live Art Development Agency, London  
Qualmann, C. (2017) The artist in the library, Performance Research Journal ‘On Libraries’ Vol. 22, issue 1.  
Qualmann, C. (2016) Perambulator in ‘Studies in the Maternal’, Volume 8, Issue 2, Performing Everyday Maternal Practice  
Qualmann, C. (2016) Perambulator: Borders, in ‘Motherhood and Live Art, A Studyroom Guide’, The Live Art Development Agency, London  
Qualmann, C. and Hind, C. eds. (2015) Ways to Wander, Triarchy Press, Axminster  
Hunter, M. and Qualmann, C. (2013) Walking and Talking East London, in ‘Spaziergangswissenschaft in Praxis.’ ed. Weisshaar, B., Jovis Verlag  
Qualmann, C. (2013) walkwalkwalk: Stories from the Bethnal Green Archive (article) in ‘Selected Essays from the On Walking conference’, University of Sunderland  
Qualmann, C. (2010) A-Z of Sustainable Materials: Activating learning in sustainable design: using a hands-on materials workshop to engage students, in ‘Networks’ Issue 11, pp. 46 – 50, ADM-HEA   
Qualmann, C. (2009) Creative Space; or Is There Room for Creativity? (article) in ‘Investigations in University Teaching and Learning’ vol. 5 (2) Spring  
Qualmann, C. and Butterworth, E., (2009) Spinning Stories: A walk about laundry, Site Projects, London  
Qualmann, C., Burton, G., Korda, S. (2009) walkwalkwalk: stories from the Exeter Archive, Site Projects, London  
Qualmann, C., Burton, G., Korda, S. (2007) A Chip Shop Tour of E8, in ‘E8 the Heart of Hackney’, Transition editions, London 
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