5th March 2020, Art+Feminism wikipedia edit-a-thon

5th October 2019, Something Held in the Mouth, ‘Mouthings’ symposium at Custom, Folkestone.

18th – 21st October 2018 Daylighting at Wellcome Collection, co-curated with Amy Sharrocks and Madeleine Hodge

13th September 2018 artists talk at Saunter Trek Escort Parade, group show, Fluxus Factory and Queens Museum, New York, USA

26th February 2018, Labors: An Exhibition Exploring the Complexities of Motherhood, group show, Pearl Conard Gallery, Ohio, USA,

11th August 2016, Walking Women at Forest Fringe, Edinburgh,

11th – 17th July 2016 Walking Women at Somerset House. Co-curated with Amy Sharrocks

11th December 2015, Gossip and Nonsense at The Bank Gallery, The Cass, London

19th September 2015 Jamboree at Harvest Stomp. A celebration of jam made with fruit from the surprisingly abundant urban environment, part of the ongoing East End Jam project by artist Clare Qualmann.The centrepiece of the Jamboree is the free tasting table, spread with jams, jellies, chutneys and other preserves made during the project, alongside a selection of ‘London’ jams to buy from small-scale urban makers.

24th July 2015 Book Launch! Ways to Wander and Rambles with Nature
The White Building London E9 5EN
Ways to Wander
Edited by Clare Qualmann and Claire Hind
Published by Triarchy Press
Includes pages from 54 international artists with an interruption from Professor Carl Lavery.

20th October 2014 Renaissance Rumours and Chinese Whispers. Take part in a mass game of Chinese Whispers in a contemporary and playful exploration of Renaissance rumour. Emily Butterworth (KCL) will talk about the French Renaissance court, libellous pamphlets, and attempts to understand a personal investment in the spread of rumour and gossip before a mass game of Chinese Whispers, inspired by Montaigne’s description of the spread of rumour, led by artist Clare Qualmann.

20th September 2014 Stratford Jam is a walk along remembered and misremembered pathways, attempting to connect Stratford station with Sugarhouse Studios, skirting the omnipresent and ever shifting boundaries of the Olympic Park. Dead-ends, wrong turns, the retracing of steps and small acts of trespass (optional) may occur. Stuck together with a jam and jelly glue: blackberry, elderberry, apple, plum, mirabelle and sloe. Part of Hilary Powell’s Pop Up Pop Up project. Book here.

28th May 2014 Perambulator Parade. Join us on Wednesday 28th May for a parade of prams, pushchairs and buggies! Meet at 1:30pm at the Nordic Ski Centre’s Playpark, the Parade starts at 1:45pm Finishes at the Linden Centre at 2.15pm for tea and cake (baby and toddler friendly snacks provided) Parents, children and any pram users all welcome! As are older siblings on foot, scooters, or bikes. For more information, contact Deveron Arts on 01466 794494 or email us at

10th May 2014 Baby Slow Marathon and picnic. Join us for a walk on the pram/pushchair accessible part of Deveron Arts’ Slow Marathon route. We’ll meet in the Square and walk up to the Clash for a picnic tea, greeting the walkers as they come down into Huntly, and walk back into the town with them. Babies, children (on wheels or on foot) and their pram pushers all welcome.

24th May 2012 Join me, with baby Ernest in the pram, for a walk from Lewisham Art House. ‘Perambulator‘ explores navigation, way finding and collective decision making (with the added encumbrance of prams). We will decide on the day where to go and how to get there using a range of tools: from local knowledge to locative media, observing the inaccessibilities and obstructions that impact on our route as we go.
3.45pm for a 4pm start, we’ll finish back at Lewisham Art House by 5pm latest.
Babies and Children welcome, as are non-pram users! The walk is the second in a series of performances entitled ‘Chain’, which continue until 10.30pm at the Art House. More info here:

18th March 2012, I’ll be taking part in ‘walk sans frontieres‘ a discussion event about walking, access and crossing frontiers, in Huntly, Aberdeenshire. Organised by Deveron Arts – more info here

25th and 26th June 2010, I will be performing ‘Homage to Mrs Rowlatt’, a testing of the hypothesis there’s no such thing as black felt tips (from the series ‘Everything I learned in science’).
Part of ‘Correspondence’ a weekend of events showcasing visual art, creative writing, digital video work and performance at the Daniel Libeskind Graduate Centre, 166-220 Holloway Road, organised by The Facility (London Metropolitan University’s centre for performance as research).

25th March 2010, Darned Memory, a walk for Craft Rally at Chelsea College of Art and Design. Craft Rally is a programme of talks, seminars, screenings, discussions, performances, networking and socialising. Tickets are £40, booking via the Crafts Council at: Find out more about the walk, and download a PDF guide, here

The Night wash laundry chorus, part of Spinning Stories, will take place on Wednesday 14th October from 7.30pm – 8.15pm in ‘The Laundry Room’ on Broadway market:

Spinning Stories, a walk, Saturday 19th September 2009, at 10.30 am, ticket £10, booking via the Women’s library:

Honesty Box, with Gail Burton, is at Arnold Circus on the Boundary Estate on Sunday 26th July 2009, more info at

‘Swedish Dreams’, Galleri Vals, Dalsland Center, 464 72 Haverud, Sweden, from 11th July – 9th September 2009

Honesty Box, with Gail Burton, is at Camberwell Arts Festival on Friday 26th and Saturday 27th June 2009, more info at

‘Flash Company’ group show, opens Wednesday April 29th 2009, 6pm, EFDSS, Cecil Sharp House, London NW1,, the show runs until 28th June 2009, catalogue online at:

a group of people sit at a table in LADA's study room editing wikipedia
wikipedia editing at LADA
a round brown plate with blobs of different coloured jam on it
Jam tasting plate
three women stand at a table working with letterpress type. photo David Sandison.
Daylighting print room
a red pram with a baby in it, held to the side of a woman dressed in black, standing in the street in new york city
Perambulator NYC
a poster in suffragette colours of purple white and green with the event details for walking women at forest fringe
Walking Women
Claire Collison standing in front of a semi-nude relief sculpture at Somerset House
Claire Collison’s Intimate Tour of Breasts, Walking Women
a woman is sticking her head into a red pram, while a toddler climbs on a sofa next to her.
Pram Nap, 2015
Gossip and Nonsense at The Cass
Foraging with East End Jam
people walking on a beach in the mist
Walking in Hayle
people standing in a line , the first leans in to the second to whisper in their ear.
Chinese Whispers at Somerset House
blackberry bushes poking through railings
Blackberries in Stratford
a red pram in the scottish countryside
Perambulator Huntly
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