Draw Every Day

In January 2017 I was feeling frustrated that I was not spending enough time in my studio, and only making work for specific commissions or funded projects. I decided to start making a drawing every day – a small commitment to myself as an artist – and post it on instagram. I certainly didn’t manage to do it every day at first, and then as I began to approach the end of the first year I tried to catch up – doing two or three drawings a day to make up for those I had missed. This push to have 365 in place at the end of the year got me into much more of a flow, so that when the pressure was over I found it much easier to keep going steadily. Now I generally manage a drawing every day.

The drawings are often geometric, usually monochrome. I look at the things that are around me – so holidays are easy to spot for the seaweed and pinecones. Sometimes I draw with my kids and they ask me to use colour, or draw specific things. Sometimes I will stick with a theme for days or even weeks, making slightly different versions, playing with scale and testing out variations, other times I just draw once. If I get stuck I often look back through my sketchbooks and return to themes that I’ve previously worked on. Sometimes I have an idea before I start and others I just put the pen on the paper and see where it goes. I try not to censor, and post just about everything that I draw. Follow me on instagram to see them all: https://www.instagram.com/clarequalmann/

Drawings of chains, loops and twists, 2019
Drawings of stars, jewels and triangles

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